Summer Date Ideas for Couples (& Families, too!)

Remember back in grade school and college when we would have summer breaks and we’d find plenty of summer activities to do almost every day?

As I grow up, I notice that we tend to have less fun despite having the means and the time for it.

We come home and we would rather “watch Netflix and chill” rather than doing something fun and spontaneous. 

Social media sucks up our time!

Sometimes we may spend too much time on social media when we can actually use that time to do something productive.

Or if you are an introvert, you may always want to cancel your plans almost at last minute to avoid having to “socialize.” Can anyone relate? I can!

Let’s be different!

This summer, I want it to be different. I want to have fun with my future husband and do what couples do (…or should be doing)!

Sometimes we forget how to have fun all summer long. We reserve all the fun for the planned summer getaways and never consider the rest of summer.

Or we forget to be young and avoid certain activities because it isn’t what “our age group does.”

Let’s enjoy summer while we can!

Here are some summer date ideas for couples on a budget (or not). And these can also be for the whole family – hopefully, you are able to enjoy plenty of family fun summer activities!

  1. Dance classes (check Facebook for local deals)
  2. Sky Zone Trampoline Park
  3. Cooking classes (check Groupon for great deals!)
  4. Take professional (but playful and romantic) pictures (check Groupon for cheap deals!)
  5. Painting classes
  6. Cupcake classes – you make delicious cupcakes!
  7. Visit the Library on the weekend – Saturdays are so quiet, pick a spot with a good, relaxing view!
    • Families: Libraries have fun summer activities that won’t break the bank (if at all)!
  8. Go to a Christian concert
  9. Try out the new ice cream place in town
  10. Visit your local food trucks every other week to try a new meal
  11. Explore Downtown
    • Rent city bikes
    • Take the trolley
    • Try 1 food item at 5 different spots (budget your money)
    • Dance at the outdoor concert
  12. Beach Activities
    • Watch the sunset
    • Build sand castles together
    • Cover each other in sand
    • Have a picnic
    • Walk along the shore
    • Play volleyball
    • Learn to skim board (This gets very challenging as we get older!)
    • Stargaze
    • Take a boat ride
  13. Park Activities
    • Have a picnic
    • Walk the trail
    • Explore the nature center
    • Try somersaults on the grass (did we forget what those are?!)
    • Race each other
    • Read a book
    • Talk to God
    • Ride bikes
    • Visit a campground and spend the night — don’t forget to take proper gear!
  14. Play a Sport (we love competing against each other!)
    • Soccer
    • Volleyball (beach or park)
    • Tennis (we’ve played with other couples; it’s a blast and a full body workout!)
    • Basketball
    • Join an intramural team together or as a family
  15. Kayak or paddleboard – at Sunset or sunrise can be very romantic or simply be awed by God’s creation. (Check Groupon for this, too!)
  16. Workout together
  17. Play Pokemon Go! together
  18. Go to the drive-in movie theater (loved this one!)
  19. Start new projects together
    • Create a garden
    • Start an art project (we love using Procreate for our art!)
    • Change the décor in your home
    • Create a Website
    • Start a YouTube Channel
    • Write a book together
      • Write a Children’s book as a family
  20. Grow spiritually
    • Invite couples every other Friday night during summer months for bible study and fellowship
    • Read the Bible together daily in AM or PM: focus on a specific book in the Bible or select a couple’s bible study
    • Search and attend summer evangelistic campaigns near you
  21. Give back
    • Provide meals or toiletry bags to the homeless every Friday night or twice a month.
    • Volunteer at Food Banks (gather your church members, too)
    • Visit the elderly, widows, and orphans in your community or home church.
      • Do something for them: bring them a gift, clean their home/lawn, pray for them, etc.
    • Visit a family member in need
    • Babysit for a family member, friends, or church family
    • Clean up the beach or park
    • Join Habitat for Humanity
Lastly, take tons of pictures. 

Record the memories of a well-spent summer. While these are summer date ideas for couples, many of these can be family fun summer activities. You’ll want to remember these moments together!

Remember to keep #20 and #21 in mind.  

As believers in Christ, we know life isn’t about us. Enjoy yourselves over summer, but sprinkle in days to grow spiritually and give back in loving ways.

And maybe you don’t believe in what I believe, but growing spiritually and loving others in small and big ways is never a bad idea! You’ll be happier at the end of the day! Try it!

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couples summer date ideas and family fun summer activities at
couples summer date ideas and family fun summer activities at
couples summer date ideas and family fun summer activities at

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  1. These are awesome ideas. I never thought of taking couples Photos. That is definitely on my list for the near future. Love all these ideas. I Definitely need to do better.

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