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What are the benefits of marriage, the right reasons to get married, and Bible verses about marriage, Is marriage worth it?

What are the Benefits of Marriage?

I will be getting married soon and I can’t wait! And it’s not because of the wedding day because I don’t think one day will define much. Plus TBH, for me, all the work that has to be done for that 1 day feels more exhausting than a lifetime of marriage! (I am praying about…

Bible color coding, woman reading the Bible

How to use Color Coding to study the Bible

For the longest, I had been wanting to have some guidance in my Bible study. Something that gave me more depth to my bible reading than journaling “how a verse spoke to me” or meditating on a verse that “stood out” in my reading or “how the story speaks to my current situation.” It didn’t…

What you can learn from a hypocrite: lessons from a hypocrite and an example of hypocrisy in the Bible.

Lessons From a Hypocrite: An Example

You may be thinking I’m going to be a judgmental Christian right now and tell you about how I dealt with a hypocrite and the lessons that I learned from said hypocrite. BUT… that’s not the case! What I will tell you is this: There’s a story in the Bible of a “Christian hypocrite” –…