Christian Women’s Book Club: 2022 Reading Challenge

I am writing this 3 months into the year and I’m excited to say that I have already heard/read more books this year than I did last year! Say what?! New year new me? Maybe… lol. For this christian women’s book club, I have compiled a simple 2022 reading challenge!

Now, I did my research on the authors and I want to remind you about my thought process in selecting books (in case you are new here).

I don’t have suggestions from very popular authors like T.D. Jakes, Sarah Young (Jesus Calling), Lyse Terkeurst, Priscilla Shirer, Rachel Hollis, Craig Groeschel, Joel Osteen, Ann Voskamp, Steven Furtick, etc. Why?

To keep it very simple, these authors (and many others not mentioned) practice eisegesis, New Age, progressive christianity, prosperity gospel, etc. And I am not condemning anyone who likes these authors. I am simply stating my own stance on this. I choose not to read their books to not become confused with false biblical teachings. Hence, why I don’t recommend these authors.

Also, I do have non-christian books in this 2022 christian reading challenge, but they are either novels (1 or 2, which should be clean readings!) and self-help books.

Here is the next thought you may be having:

Well, Christians only need the Bible, not self-help books! And I agree! But keep reading, please.

Should Christians read self-help books?

While the Bible is our foundation and source for everything, the books in this christian reading challenge are to help us have a wider perspective from others on money/time management, careers, and their life through challenges/hardships.

I think it is to our best advantage to acquire as much knowledge as possible. The more I learn, the more I can connect with others, share my knowledge, live my best life, and lead others to know Christ (our greatest work while alive!).

2022 Reading Challenge

For this online christian women’s book club 2022 reading challenge (wow, that is a mouthful! lol), we will be doing a Book Bingo Reading Challenge!

Whether you are able to read all of the books or just one of them this year, that is better than no reading at all. I think you’ll find some of these books very interesting and will at least be able to pick out 1 to start on asap!

Let me know your thoughts on these books: do you like them? have you read any of them? any suggestions to incorporate?

I made this reading challenge so that you can click on each book title and it will take you either to Amazon or another site to read about the book and/or purchase it. (ps: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

What I am currently reading:

Currently, I am reading With: Reimagining the Way You Relate to God by Skye Jethani and Daniel: A Reader’s Guide (the latter not a part of the 2022 Reading Challenge).

I was supposed to finish With: Reimagining the Way You Relate to Go in February (I am trying to complete 1 book a week), but when I come across a great book, I take my time! For this book, I even had to purchase a physical copy because there were many points I wanted to mark for future reference. If you can, please read this one – it will challenge you to reflect on your relationship with God.

I am also reading books on finances at a slower pace. My life has changed a bit this year – got married and moved in together – and I want to us to be wise with our finances. We know what the Bible says about our finances, so now we are learning from others on this topic.

How to make time for reading:

If you search for this, you’ll find a lot of suggestions. But let me share with you how I make sure to read in between the busyness of life:

  1. I have a weekly planner with a habit tracker on my desk. I add it to my “habit” so I can check it off throughout the week. I noticed that if I don’t list each book, I forget about one and get distracted with another book. (See my pic of this below)
  2. I make sure to look up these books on audio for free on the Hoopla/CloudLibrary apps so that while I am doing dishes, cooking, cleaning, exercising, or driving, I am listening to them. I almost always have the physical copy to mark up and the audio for convenience.

How to Read Books for Free or Cheap:

The best way I know to read for free is by using my library card with a few apps: Hoopla, CloudLibrary, OverDrive, and Libby.

And I read for cheap using sites like Amazon (buying the used books) or Thriftbooks, etc. I type the book in Google and try to find the cheapest available with shipping and arriving around the time I would like to start reading it.

I have also found great books at Goodwill. I love those finds!

2023 Reading Challenge for this online ChristianWomen’s Book Club

(Typing that felt surreal!)

I have some ideas already for a 2023 reading challenge for this women’s book club! One of them is reading books on biblical characters, either both male and female, or just females. Possibly 1 book a month to not speed through it and be able to immerse ourselves in Scripture.

What do you think? For now, I am going to start compiling a list of books on bible characters.

We can make plans, but ultimately, the Lord determines our steps, so we will see what God has in store for all of us. May God guide us in the right direction with this!

Do you have any recommendations for this online Christian book club? If yes, please send me a message!

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  1. Hi Lily! I’m excited to join this book club! I have borrowed the Learning to Lead Like Jesus on my Kindle, but I was having trouble finding the book club discussion for that one or which month is for which book? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Serena, my sincerest apologies for this extremely late reply! We now have something for our christian women’s book club and the details are here:

      This is where we will have our book club discussions:

      And we are currently having a vote to decide the books we will be reading in 2023 (theme: women of the Bible). If you’re interested, please help us decide by voting here:

      Again, I’m so sorry for my late reply! We just now were able to put something way better than just emailing back and forth!

    1. Hi Erin, so sorry for this mega late reply! We finally have put something together for our christian women’s book club! The details are in this new blog post:

      Please join us here where we will have our discussions:

      And if you’d like to vote for the books that we will be reading in 2023 (theme is women of the Bible), please visit this form and cast your vote:

      Please forgive this super late reply as we did not have something this awesome and organized until now!!

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