About F & F


Hi, I’m Lily!

I’m married to a wonderful, Christ-loving gentleman.

My first experience with God was at 14 years old. I struggled with my identity and God showed me who He was and who I was in Him. I was baptized and it was then that I became a follower of Jesus.

The reason why I started this blog was because 2018 was tough for me. Things were not going well (nothing was working out for me) and I felt like a failure. I was discouraged. I kept praying for God to show me what I needed to do for Him, but I couldn’t hear from Him. He was silent.

So, I kept praying because I knew that He was listening and that He would eventually answer. I took the advice from my brother and fiancé which was to enjoy the season I was in. And that’s what I did. I relaxed (which is really hard for me being Type A and hard-working/overzealous.)

Finally, I heard from God to start a ministry for Him. And being me, I like to have confirmation from God before jumping into anything so I asked Him for more confirmation to make sure it was Him and not my own voice.

He confirmed it in multiple ways, so I started this ministry: Flawed & Faithful.

Blessings to you!


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ps: keep reading more below about this little ministry!

Purpose of Flawed & Faithful

At first, my reasons for this ministry was to “know Jesus and make Him known,” but I slowly became aware that God was leading me to a more defined purpose.

With time, Flawed & Faithful’s focus has shifted to the following 3 pillars:

  • Following Jesus and living in His will.
  • Sharing real life and real struggles.
  • Eyes on Him Book Club: a community for readers & a wider perspective on topics.

The first pillar encompasses finding Jesus through bible study, biblical principles, prayer, and godly relationships. This is for you if you want to grow your faith in Christ!

The second pillar deals with mental health issues, insecurities, and shyness.

And the third pillar is for anyone wanting to join an online christian book club or receive recommendations of christian books for women of all ages. We also read non-Christian books. However, there are certain Christian authors we won’t read and I share more about that on a different post.

Flawed & Faithful YouTube & Podcast

One of the reasons I started a YT channel was to improve my confidence and it really helped! I remind myself that this is for the Lord and this is who I am when I see myself on video with so many imperfections. I can only accept myself and improve with time.

The other reason I started a YT channel was to share the blog posts in a video format for those who prefer video. So far, if you see the comments on some of those videos, I’ve been able to have some dialogue about Christ and tear down some misconceptions about Him. I still pray for those people because I know God answers our prayers and that they may one day turn to Him!

The next plan in the books is a podcast focusing on those 3 pillars mentioned above and also involving relatable women of faith. This one is another feat because again: putting myself out there and finding the time to do it all (school takes the majority of my focus and time).


One thing is certain, I keep praying about everything in this ministry. I leave it in His hands what He does or doesn’t want. I ask Him to take His message on here to the right people. So far, He’s been faithful in answering!

If you can, please join me in praying for this ministry. That it reaches who God wants to reach and that the message is what He wants shared. Right now, there are people from all over the world reading God’s Word on here. Praise God for that!

And if you can also pray that God guides me to do His will: to honor Him with this ministry and that everything be Spirit-led.

I am praying this ministry will lead you closer to Christ, to read His Word, and to choose to live in His will above all.

Please let me know if you have any prayer requests by going to my Contact page.

How can I help you?

Maybe you are unsure where to start with Bible study. Or how to pick the best bible study tools or finding biblical life lessons in Scripture. Maybe you just need prayer. This is my little ministry and I want to do my best to serve you in a God honoring way. Don’t be hesitant to reach out!